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If you are looking for a job, you are likely to do the daily rounds on all the best job search websites. This is a great approach, but are you wasting your time? Of course you aren't because you need a job; therefore, you need to search. But, are you maximizing use of your time? You might not be. After all, you are doing the same searches on different websites. Once again, this is an important task, but does it ever feel like it is a waste of your time? If so, you want to closely examine desktop applications that work as job finding tools; they are commonly referred to as job finders.

From the things to pack to the travel documents to cash, credit card and other financial tools-you need to have everything prepared before the date of your departure. Get help from people close to you so you don't get all too stressed up. When it comes to packing, you don't have to bring all your things with you. You can sell or donate some of your things and just buy new ones when you get there so you don't end up spending too much money on shipping costs.

I have learned in the last two weeks; if you have hopes to go to law school you must not tell anyone! Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but here's what has happened. With this sudden need to find a job, I have to network with friends in various companies- or should I say acquaintances. Fortunately for me, I do not like to talk much about my goals because I would rather be actively working towards them than talking about them. But in this one instance, a friend calls me up and asks me what I am doing, I tell them I am studying- which of course leads them to ask me what I am studying for. Now, I am not one to lie, so I tell them I am studying for the LSAT not thinking much of any problems with letting them know.

Some of the schools will help you land your first job. Some companies prefer to hire graduates from the Career Step program. Other training programs also may have affiliations with outsourcing companies. This is something you may want to ask in advance of your training. It can certainly be helpful in obtaining your first job.

Network with other MT's in your area. They may know of job openings that you wouldn't learn of otherwise. They can also act as a reference if you happen to apply to the company they are working for. One thing I have definitely learned, is that MT's are a close knit group and they are always happy to help one of their own. You will need that resource some time in the future, so value the MT network you build.

Teaching English, or whatever your native language is, to the French is also a good career for expats coming to France. The languages most in demand of teachers are English, Spanish and German. If this interests you then you would want to look for a job at a language school or training agency. However, you should know that this type of job does not pay generously.

I have begun freelance writing in an effort to pay my bills and gain writing experience. The freelance writing has already gotten me one small job and may get me a job at the paper or even in the library!

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